Welcome to Emerge

Emerge is a wisdom, praxis and collaboration nexus as a response to the crises we face as humanity

About Emerge

Emerge is a response to the meta-crisis, which shows its face in the emergencies of climate, politics, environment and meaning. We believe not only that our challenges are interconnected, but that we must connect in new ways to grapple with the most urgent problems of our times. Linking people, projects, networks and ideas, we explore what is emerging, celebrating new patterns of living, working, being and sense-making. 

As a network of networks, Emerge connects transformative and inspirational initiatives across the globe. We showcase the most daring pathfinders, renegades and visionaries who are using systems thinking, driving spiritual renewal or personal and cultural transformation, and who lovingly seduce cynical minds into seeing more beautiful alternative worlds.

Why Join Us?

Because here you can become the change that you seek.